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Putting all the pieces together!


Access Real Estate investments you never thought you could before!

So you chose wealth! Step one is to acquire profitable properties. There are many aspects to consider - both legal and practical. We have the knowledge and experience to help you with both.

  • Investment Choices. We can help you explore several investment options, including Section 8 and Low Income Housing, Tax Liens, Adjudicated Property and Foreclosures. 
  • Value. Make your money when you BUY - not when you sell. We will help you determine the market value of a parcel you are interested in. 
  • Purchase Agreement. A real estate acquisition is still a fairly complex transaction with many decisions to be made along the way. We can help you make sure the agreement is favorable to you. 
  • Inspections & Environmental. Don't get a costly surprise after you purchase the home. Hidden defects or environmental concerns can turn a promising investment into a costly nightmare. We can show you where to look and construct an agreement that protects you! 

We can help you invest with a profit - centered approach that protects your interests!


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Contact us and let's discuss how real estate investments can increase your net worth and cash flow. 

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property management

We are experienced landlords who have learned to apply a profit-centered approach to every aspect of property management. Avoid costly mistakes by profiting from our knowledge and experience. 

Now you own it. How do you make money? That's the million dollar question. If the answer involves renting to tenants, you need an attorney who not only understand's Louisiana's complex landlord-tenant laws, you need an attorney who is experienced with profitable property management. 

We apply a profit-centered approach to every aspect of property management. 

  • Document Preparation. We will prepare your commonly used documents to streamline the tenant onboarding process and complying with Louisiana law. 
  • Talking Points. We will prepare you with screening questions that help you identify high quality tenants without violating state and federal law. 
  • Lease Preparation. Some requirements of the Louisiana law can be modified in the lease agreement. Others cannot. We will modify the lease so that terms are most advantageous to you. 
  • Tenant Selection. We will help you identify high quality tenants. 
  • Rent Collection. We will structure your lease agreement for smooth and efficient rent collection. We will monitor collection and take action on late payments. 
  • Evictions. Despite the best screening, sometimes evictions are necessary. If that time comes, we will file eviction proceedings and work with local authorities to recover your property quickly and minimize your loss of time and profits. 
  • Overdue Rent Collection. We will help you acquire a security interest in your tenants' personal property to help collect your rent. We will foreclose on the property if necessary or garnish wages. We have several legal avenues to ensure you are paid. 

REMEMBER: Our approach is more than a legal approach. We apply profit centered aspect to the law to protect your interests and cash flow.