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Welcome to Dassau & Coleman DIRECT. Here, you have access to many discounted legal documents and services if you are willing to do some of the work yourself.

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  1. Choose the document or service you need, and begin the online questionnaire.
  2. Save your answers. You can return any time to edit/finish.
  3. When you're ready to go forward, pay by credit card and submit your questionnaire.
  4. We'll prepare your documents; amend as necessary; and notify you when ready.
  5. Legal advice and instructions will also be provided.

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What separates us from our competitors?

Legal Forms Websites

We are not just a document preparation web site. A legal forms web site is not a law firm and cannot provide true legal services, such as legal advice. We provide you with true legal guidance from a Louisiana law firm. 

We are different from a legal forms site.

  • We stand behind and guarantee our work.  With a non-lawyer document preparation service, any guarantee is limited or non-existent.
  • As lawyers, we must keep any communications between us confidential, and we are required to avoid any conflicts of interest. 
  • We must comply with all of the Professional Rules that apply to members of the Louisiana Bar. A legal forms web site offered by a non-law firm is not regulated by the bar. 




Our passions as Louisiana lawyers include figuring out how to help people handle legal matters and get on with their lives, without spending thousands of dollars on legal fees. 

Dassau & Coleman DIRECT is our way of helping clients save money in legal fees while still getting effective legal support. 

We will:

 We guide you through the legal process. Self-help law is a very effective method of saving on legal fees because you do part of the work yourself. We prepare your documents for you; give you the legal advice you need; and guide you through the legal process. If a court hearing is necessary, we will prepare you to represent yourself so that you can avoid making crucial mistakes. We will also advise you as to whether or not you are a candidate for the "Self-Help" approach.

Typical Louisiana Law Firms

We are different from typical law firms.

  • Dassau & Coleman DIRECT is a virtual service. We communicate with you over the Internet, e-mail, and telephone. You don't have to give up time away from work to come to our offices.  
  • There's no costly retainer or up-front fees: You buy only the legal services that you need - at a fixed price per task.
  • You know what you will pay. No hourly rates or hidden charges - just a simple fixed and reasonable fee.

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For effective legal representation and fair fees, call 225-389-7456.