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It's time! Time to turn that passion into income. Time to turn that dream into reality. The first law of entrepreneurship is that you can't spend too much and you can't spend to little. Successful entrepreneurs avoid spending sacred capital for services they don't need. But, wise entrepreneurs know superficial bargains are a waste of money if they are not effective enough to accomplish their goals. Dassau & Coleman, affordable small business attorneys of Baton Rouge, offer the perfect balance for cost-conscious entrepreneurs. We offer low-cost transactions to help you start your business. But, we offer you the opportunity to speak with a lawyer at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Get the extra help you need to start your business right.



Corporations offer strong protection from the owners' personal liability. Corporations also offer the opportunity for tax savings and raising capital to run your business. Corporations have a long history in our country so the legal rights and obligations are well understood by our courts. 

A corporation can be a C corporation - the traditional type - or an S Corporation. An S Corporation provides liability protection of a traditional corporation but also allows pass through taxation. Which is best for you?


Unlike in some states, Louisiana law considers a partnership as an entity separate from its owners.  

General Partnership

A partnership is formed when two or more people contract to operate business together, for their common benefit. Although the law treats a partnership as a person separate from its owners, general partners may still be personally liable for business debt and liabilities and the actions of other partners.

However, there are ways to limit a partner's personal liability. 

Partnership in Commendam (Limited Partnership)

This is one way for a partner to limit personal liability for business debts. Called a limited partner outside of Louisiana, a partner in commendam has limited authority under the partnership. But, he or she also has limited liability.

Registered Limited Liability Partnerships

Yet another way to limited personal liability in a partnership is formation of a registered limited liability partnership. This form of partnership has heightened formalities for formation. But, partners are generally shielded from liability for the liabilities and obligations of the partnership arising from the actions of other partners. 

limited liability companies (LLCs)

The Limited Liability Company is a rising star in the business world. This form of business is quickly becoming the most popular way to start a small business. 

LLCs offer personal liability protection to its owners similar to that offered by corporations. However, LLCs require less formality, more management flexibility, and pass through taxation. 


Our prices for Low Cost Transactions compare to the Do-it-Yourself legal services. However, we don't believe in DIY law.

That's why all the transactions on this page include a 30 minute session with a licensed Louisiana lawyer AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Use the time to clarify terms, get answers to questions, or legal advice on key decisions. Additional time is available if needed at an affordable rate.  

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